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Osmo Action Waterproof Case

In The Box
  • Osmo Action Waterproof Case x 1
  • Osmo Action Locking Screw x 1
  • Osmo Action Quick-Release Base x 1

The waterproof case protects Osmo Action at depths as far down as 60 meters, allowing you to enjoy underwater adventures worry-free. Heat dissipation grilles effectively prevent Osmo Action from overheating and fogging up when shooting underwater. A high-strength glass ensures a clear display.

Waterproof at depths of up to 60 m with a high-strength glass for clear display.

Osmo Action Waterproof Case
Size: 46.4_70.9_76.4 mm Weight: 92.1 g

Osmo Action Locking Screw:
Size_23_13_55 mm Weight_11.3 g

Osmo Action Quick-Release Base:
Height: 35_26 mm Weight: 10.5 g

Osmo Action

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